UnBound4! Artist Line Up


Candela Books + Gallery is excited to announce the 2015 UnBound juried artist line up. This inaugural summer invitational exhibition, features work from over 40+ contemporary fine art photographers! UnBound4! will open Friday, June 3rd, 5-9pm at Candela Gallery.

2015’s UnBound juried artists are:

Ben Altman
Rachel Boillot
Shane Booth
Nadine Boughton
Thomas Bouquin
Mat Brutger
Shannon Castleman
Larry Chait
Troy Colby
Whitney Cole
Marguerite Courtney
Lisa DiLillo
Benjamin Dimmitt
Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley
Daniel Duarte
Jeri Eisenberg
Tsar Fedorsky
Andrew Fedynak
Preston Gannaway
Frank Hamrick
Jackie Heitchue
Jeff Jacobson
Susan Keiser
Cheryl Koralik
Danica O. Kus
Peter Brown Leighton
Joshua Meier
Clark James Mishler
Lydia Panas
Ottavio Di Paolo
Lori Pond
Jessica Eve Rattner
Suzanne Révy
Christopher Selleck
Liz Steketee
S. Gayle Stevens
Robert Walz
Claire A. Warden
Angela Franks Wells
Joshua White

We will be in touch soon with our specific artworks we wish to exhibit.  AND we will post news of a small number of invited artists very soon as well!

And mark your calendar!

On July 11th, 7pm-11pm, Candela will host the UnBound! gala event which will include beer & wine, music from the Richmanian Ramblers, back-alley fried chicken, raffle, and anything else we come up with by then! Mostly it’s going to be a great summer party in the midst of amazing photography!