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Limited Edition Resonantia (Echo) Vinyl


Limited Edition $1,600
Resonantia (Echo) 12” Signed Vinyl
Includes 1/1 print & handwritten lyrics
Edition of 12

Mastered by Rick G. Nelson
Graphic Groove Technology by Todd Mariana
Lacquer Mastering by Stan Ricker
Vinyl pressed by Quality Record Pressing
Printing by Stoughton Printing Co. and Mpress|NOLA
Howling interlude by Peanut
Music & Lyrics by L+V

  • Price: $1,600.00

Louviere +Vanessa: Resonantia (echo) reverberates across the media of photography and music. Everything you see is sound. Everything you hear is photography. All the Other Stars is the surreal narrative resonating in between. This unique approach to an artist’s exhibition catalog is also a stand alone piece of the exhibition. This album contains all 12 musical notes found using infinite frequencies. A tone generator was used to visualize the images. The photographs were converted back into audio using the image’s grayscale plus the X and Y coordinates. The 12 audio tracks were then mixed to create an ambient soundscape. The images can be re-visualized with the use of a spectrometer. The second song is a Southern Gothic styled duet by L+V accompanied by a 12 frame animation when viewed with the praxinoscope mirror included in the album. The imagery on both sides of the vinyl is mastered directly into the lacquer from sound files. The files were translated from a photograph and carved into the wax using the same tools used to inscribe the grooves of a song.

Four hundred editioned copies have been pressed on super heavy 200 gram vinyl and the whole package is sealed in Library of Congress approved archival polyester bags.

There are 12 special copies pulled from the 400 representing one of the 12 images. Each of these 12 copies comes with one photograph from the exhibition created exclusively for the album. The edition numbers relate to the frequencies of the photos. The photo is printed on 11″ x 11″ hand made kozo paper and flooded with a wax and damar varnish mixture creating an archival, translucent image. It is then backed in gold leaf and sealed with an archival varnish. Each piece is a one of a kind print that will not be made like this again. Also included in the 12 SE album are the hand written lyrics by L+V and a certificate of authenticity. Each signed and dated.