Chris McCaw: Sunburn

Press Release

Candela Books + Gallery is proud to present our third book release and a corresponding exhibition entitled Sunburn, from San Francisco photographer Chris McCaw. McCaw has created a completely innovative photographic process whereby he exposes vintage photo paper to the sun over long timeframes, resulting in a landscape image that is literally physically seared by the sun. This creates haunting, mythic landscape images that are in fact three-dimensional objects.

The public opening and artist book signing will take place Friday, September 7th, 5-9pm. Join us!

Sunburned GSP#549(Mojave/ expanding), 2012. 20″x24″ unique gelatin silver paper negative.

The book…

Sunburn is now available for purchase at! Candela’s third book release, in collaboration with Chris McCaw and Scout Design, features a collection of forty-three extraordinary images with essays by Katherine Ware of the New Mexico Museum of Art and Allie Haeusslein of Pier 24 Photography. In Notes on Watching Shadows Move in this volume, McCaw writes, “During [this project], I’ve become attuned to the reality that we’re all running around on a spinning marble orbiting a fiery ball. It’s that simple and amazing, but we rarely give ourselves time to ponder this.”

The exhibition…

Running until October 27th, the exhibition of 23 unique paper negatives offers Richmond a chance to experience this intimate, yet iconic work. McCaw, with his massive handmade cameras that can weigh up to 125 pounds and require specially-made carts, and the almighty sun co-create images that push photography into the realm of sculpture. The creation/destruction cycle so inherent to life on this planet is harnessed by the hand of the artist into unpredictable, highly-crafted and sublime images.

Among notable private and public collections, McCaw’s work is found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.