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LIVE CONCERT with Michael + Peter Formanek Duo + Adam Hopkins’ School Work

LIVE CONCERT with Michael + Peter Formanek Duo + Adam Hopkins’ School Work

LIVE CONCERT with Michael + Peter Formanek Duo
+ Adam Hopkins’ School Work

This Friday, November 15th
at Candela Gallery

7:30 pm doors, 8:00 pm concert
​$10 suggested donation

Candela Books + Gallery in conjunction with Out Of Your Head Records presents a night of live music by world-renowned bassist Michael Formanek on Friday November 15, 2019. The concert will be in conjunction with Candela’s current exhibition BRING A DATEa celebration of nightlife and music from the mid-1970s to the present day. 


Michael + Peter Formanek Duo

Michael and Peter have been making music and improvising together for more than 20 years. In 2019 they will bring the duo on tour for the first time, starting this Fall in the eastern and mid-western United States. Michael Formanek plays the double bass and has been part of the New York jazz and improvised music scene for many years. Peter Formanek is a multi instrumentalist playing all of the saxophones, clarinets, and flute, and has lived in the Detroit Area since graduating from the University of Michigan in 2017. The duo will perform music composed by each member, as well as improvised pieces and the occasional standard tune.

Michael Formanek has been a regular member of bands led by Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Woody Shaw, Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard, Fred Hersch, Tim Berne (Bloodcount), Mary Halvorson (Code Girl), and the list goes on. In recent years he has released two quartet albums on ECM featuring Tim Berne, Craig Taborn, and Gerald Cleaver, as well as a critically acclaimed large ensemble album with his Ensemble Kolossus. He co-leads the very active collaborative trio Thumbscrew with Mary Halvorson on guitar and Tomas Fujiwara on drums.

Adam Hopkins’ School Work

School Work is the new project of bassist and recent Richmond transplant Adam Hopkins. The band is devoted to performing the music of the great avant-garde jazz composers of the 50s, 60s, and 70s: Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler, Andrew Hill, Jaki Byard, late Coltrane, and more. School Work is Adam Hopkins – bass, JC Kuhl – tenor saxophone, John Lilley – alto saxophone, and Scott Clark – drums.

Adam Hopkins is a bassist and composer born and raised in Baltimore MD, relocated to Brooklyn NY in 2011, and moved to Richmond in early 2019. He has extensive experience performing jazz and improvised music and has played with professional orchestras in Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the DC metro area. His debut album CRICKETS has received international acclaim from a variety of sources, most notably ranking as the #2 Debut Album in the 2018 NPR Jazz Critics Poll. Adam was also named the #2 Newcomer Musician for 2018 in the International Critics Poll organized by El Intruso. Crickets was the first release on Hopkins’ Out Of Your Head Records, a artist-run record label dedicated to creative music and visual art in limited runs.

As a sideman he closed 2017 with performances led by Henry Threadgill as well as a European tour with John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet. He performs regularly with BeepHonk, Laila & Smitty, Anna Webber’s Rectangles, Danny Gouker’s Signal Problems, Christopher Hoffman Trio, Kate Gentile Mannequins, Tomeka Reid’s Stringtet, Dustin Carlson’s Air Ceremony, Ideal Bread, Patrick Breiner Double Double & Practical Mysticism. Adam has studied double bass with many great performers and teachers of the instrument, including Michael Formanek, Jeffrey Weisner, Jack Budrow, Rodney Whitaker, and Sam Cross and additional studies with Drew Gress and Gary Thomas.

Announcing… HALLUCINATIONS  by Justin James Reed! Opening September 2019

HALLUCINATIONS  |  Justin James Reed


Candela Books + Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Justin James Reed. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 6th and will be on view through Sunday, October 27th. Please join us for an opening reception and artist talks on Thursday, September 5th, from 5- 8 pm. 

Justin James Reed “Untitled,” Archival Pigment Print, 44 x 36 inches

“The animistic proclivity to perceive the angular shape of a boulder (while shadows shift across its surface) as a kind of meaningful gesture, or to enter into felt conversations with clouds and owls—all of this could be brushed aside as imaginary distortion or hallucinatory fantasy if such active participation were not the very structure of perception, if the creative interplay of the senses in the things they encounter was not our sole way of linking ourselves to those things and letting the things weave themselves into our experience.”
– David Abram, ‘The Spell of the Sensuous’

Candela Gallery is delighted to present HALLUCINATIONS, the first feature solo exhibition at Candela for Richmond, Virginia based artist, Justin James Reed. For the last three years, Reed has been forging a new body of photographic and video work on the environs of a potentially active volcano in northern California. Comprised of images that utilize a highly representational visual language, HALLUCINATIONS provides the viewer the possibility of seeing something other than what is being shown. Through a haze of lush landscapes and sounds, Reed highlights the potential of lens-based imagery to become more focused on sharing, rather than showing. 

Despite the innate propensity, Reed’s work has never been about indexing something with a camera. It is much more reflective of his interest in the potential to perceive things better that are not necessarily visual. David Abram’s seminal book ‘The Spell of the Sensuous,’ which explores intersections between deep ecology and phenomenology, has become a primary influence for Reed’s current work. One of the central concepts Abram’s addresses is “the malleable texture of perception.” Reed’s lens-based media expresses his experiential nature and brings into focus his underlying objective: demonstrating where representational qualities of photography and video meet the edges of perception, and are transformed into psychic experience.

Justin James Reed’s work and artists’ books have been exhibited widely, including at Candela Gallery (Richmond), Melanie Flood Projects (Portland), Higher Pictures (New York), Atelier Néerlandais (Paris), Unseen Photo Fair (Amsterdam) and Depot II Gallery (Sydney). His work is in numerous collections, notably the Library of Congress, Yale University Art Gallery, Foam Fotografiemuseum Collection, The New York Public Library, MoMA Library, Stanford University Libraries, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and Dartmouth College. Justin was co-publisher at Brooklyn based Horses Think Press and Flat Fix from 2013 – 2017. His current publishing project is, focusing on small edition handmade photography books by feminist voices whose work explores ecological and spiritual landscape energies. He is an Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Photography and Film Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts.

Justin James Reed: HALLUCINATIONS will be on view from September 6th – October 27th, 2019.

Justin James Reed

For more information please contact the gallery at 804.225.5527 or [email protected].

Announcing… POWER by David Emitt Adams! Opening September 2019

POWER  |  David Emitt Adams


Candela Books + Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by David Emitt Adams. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 6th and will be on view through Sunday, October 27th. Please join us for an opening reception and artist talks on Thursday, September 5th, from 5- 8 pm. 

David Emitt Adams, “Age Refining and Manufacturing, San Antonio, TX,” 2018.
Wet Plate Collodion Tintype on 55 Gallon Steel Drum Lid, 23.5 inches in diameter

Candela Gallery is excited to announce POWER, a solo exhibition by Arizona based photographer, David Emitt Adams. For the last ten years, Adams has been documenting the contemporary American landscape using the wet plate collodion process. By applying this early 19th century process onto discarded steel ephemera such as cans and scrap metals, Adams’ photographs are inherently transformed into one of a kind, three dimensional objects with a new gravitas and actualized tension between time and place. 

 In POWER, practicably realized on large scale 55-gallon steel drum lids, Adams’ conceptually orbits the moorings of the petroleum industry in the American Southwest. Fascinated by the multifaceted weight of power, Adams has spent the last three years traveling cross country, photographing oil refineries and the industrial landscape. The resulting images portray the various sub-regional interdependencies with industry, in their similarities and distinctions, while presenting as almost wistful landscapes. All photographs are direct positive, and made on location using Adams’ custom-built camera system. By pushing process and form, Adams merges the past and present, photography and sculpture, asking us to consider the history of energy as well as our place within it.

David Emitt Adams obtained his Bachelor of Fine Art from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Fine Art from Arizona State University. David’s photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally including museum exhibitions at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Phoenix Art Museum, Wichita Art Museum, Roswell Museum and Art Center, Southern Utah Museum of Art, Tucson Museum Art, the Chrysler Museum of Art and most recently at Museum of Fine Arts Boston. He is a recipient of the Clarence John Laughlin Award, the Puffin Foundation Grant and the Arizona Commission on the Arts Research and Development Grant. His work is in the permanent collection of The Center for Creative Photography, The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, The George Eastman Museum, and The Worcester Art Museum as well as numerous private collections.

David Emitt Adams: POWER will be on view from September 6th – October 27th, 2019.

David Emitt Adams
The Washington Post
Wichita Public Radio

For more information please contact the gallery at 804.225.5527 or [email protected].

UNBOUND8! Candela Collection Acquisitions

Candela Books + Gallery is excited to share with you
the new additions to the Candela Collection.

THANK YOU artists, contributors, attendees, volunteers, friends and family!
This years’ UnBound8! fundraiser was the most successful one to date!


Moira McDonald
“Fog 64,” 2017
Unique, Silver Gelatin Photographs
36 x 30 inches

Kendall Messick
“Mamá,” 2016
Archival Pigment Print
40 x 30 inches

Nadiya Nacorda
“Self portrait #1, wearing a doek in the blue bathroom at Lolo and Lola’s house,” 2019
Archival Pigment Print
28 x 24 inches 

Kabul & Loster
Unique, Balinese “Keliki” Miniature Watercolor Paintings w/ Chinese  Inks + Cyanotype Print
5 x 8 inches

Raymond Thompson Jr.
“Elissa,” 2017
Archival Pigment Print
24 x 30 inches

Emily White
“Within City Limits,” 2019
Archival Pigment Print of Collodion Neg Scan
40 x 50 inches


Self Published, June, 2017
Edition of 500

Footnotes: Circulation
Self Published in 2019
Edition of 40

Confined In My Skin
Unique, Book Maquette

Announcing UnBound8! Participating Artists!


Holly Roberts, “Spring Waiting” Mixed Media, 24 x 20 inches 

UnBound! features a wide array of photographic techniques from both emerging and established artists, both locally and abroad. We are very proud to bring you a compelling selection of photographic work for the eighth year in a row!

Candela Gallery is excited to announce the 2019 UnBound! Participating Artists.

Thomas Alleman
Asiya Al-Sharabi
Sophie Barbasch
Wes Bell
Patricia A. Bender
Jaclyn Kolev Brown
Tommy Bruce
Jay Boersma
Gary Burnley
Adrian Burrell
Jo Ann Chaus
Will Douglas
Emily Earl
Jessica M. Kaufman
Louviere + Vanessa
Kat Kiernan
Noelle Mason
Elizabeth McGrady
Anne Arden McDonald
Moira McDonald
Mark Peter McKnight
Kendall Messick
Fortune Monte
Nadiya Nacorda
Nancy Newberry
Alex Nyerges
Natalie Obermaier
Alissa Ohashi
Christos Palios
Paula Riff
Holly Roberts
Michelle Rogers-Pritzl
Ken Rosenthal
Kyra Schmidt
Heather Evans Smith
Jerry Takigawa
Raymond Thompson
Amanda Tinker
Emily White
Sara J. Winston


Sheri Lynn Behr
Magda Biernat
Michael Cardinali
Maureen Drennan
Katherine Finkelstein
Łukasz Gniadek
Christopher Kardambikis
Kent Krugh
Kerry Mansfield
Sam Margevicius
Andy Mattern
Kristen Matuszak
Maya Meissner
Colleen Mullins
Harrison Walker



Tommy Bruce, “Atmus Frolicking” Archival Pigment Print, 16 x 22 inches

DEAR LEADER: MAY 3 – JUNE 14, 2019

MAY 3 – JUNE 14, 2019


Michael Light, “008 STOKES/19 Kilotons/ Nevada/1957,” 2003


“This is the way the world ends,
Without a chance to make amends.”  


Dear Leader is a multimedia exhibition that casts a light on the existential weight of nuclear proliferation and the harrowing threat of nuclear violence. These fears generate a deep undercurrent of uncertainty that rests underneath our daily lives. The participating artists seek to provide personal reflections on the past and ask us to consider, if just for the moment, the present and future concerns of nuclear proliferation against our current geopolitical landscape. 

Eight artists – Linda Alterwitz, Takashi Arai, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Kei Ito, Michael Light, Noah Scalin, Paul Shambroom, Elin O’Hara Slavick – blurring the line between art and activism, survey the magnitude of this subject from different vantages. Michael Light draws his work directly from photographic archives of nuclear bomb tests from 1945 and 1962. Elin O’Hara-Slavick affixes shadows and time through photograms and rubbings of places and objects that survived the aftermath of Hiroshima. Takashi Arai’s video 49 Pumpkins highlights the pumpkin bombs, used in target testing throughout Japan during, suggesting all the possible ‘ground zeros’ of World War II had Japan not surrendered. Cornelia Hesse-Honegger‘s scientific drawings delicately detail the effects of nuclear fallout on a number of insect species living in radioactive locations such as Chernobyl. Noah Scalin renders permanent shadows of nuclear physicists, lighting matches to create images captured in carbon. Kei Ito, a third generation Hiroshima survivor, explores the connection of his family history and long-term effects of nuclear radiation. Linda Alterwitz builds layered portraits from medical imaging machines creating an intersection between science and the human psyche. Between 1992 and 2001, Paul Shambroom made photographs of nuclear weapon facilities throughout the United States, a document of the American military-industrial complex, which grows even more problematic as it ages.  

Simmering concerns of nuclear catastrophe for future generations fuel the work and support for this exhibition. Our hope is that Dear Leader, contributes to the ongoing international dialogue about the risks of nuclear confrontation, the deterioration of arsenals globally, the volatility of nation states and, ultimately, the consequences of reckless leadership.

Support for Dear Leader,  has been generously provided by Michael Schewel.


(L) Kei Ito, “Sungazing 59/108,” 2015. Edition of 3. Archival Inkjet Print w/ Burnt Wood Frame, 8 x 10 inches
(R) Kei Ito, “Sungazing 85/108,” 2015. Edition of 3. Archival Inkjet Print w/ Burnt Wood Frame, 8 x 10 inches

For more information please contact the gallery at 804.225.5527 or [email protected].

UNBOUND8! Call for Submissions

UNBOUND8! An Invitational & Juried Exhibition

July 5 – August 3, 2019

This annual summer group exhibition is the only open call we hold each year and is dedicated to featuring a wide range of photographic artworks and fine art photography and artists’ books from 40-50 fine art photographers. UnBound! generates opportunities and exposure beyond the traditional group or juried show by providing a collection opportunity for artists. 

During the exhibition, an annual gala event is held to raise funds, which allows Candela to purchase select works from the exhibition. Works acquired by the event proceeds are then added to the gallery’s Candela Collection. The mission of the Candela Collection is to support photographers through the purchase of original photographic work and to actively pursue opportunities to donate said works to notable permanent collections. The Candela Collection currently includes 62 photographic artworks and 11 fine art photography books.

Our hope is that photographers will support our UnBound! exhibition with their active participation just as we hope to support their work and careers in return. All accepted artists will have their artwork featured at Candela Gallery, a gallery space in the downtown arts district of Richmond, Virginia.


Deadline for Submissions:  April 19th, 2019
Notification of Acceptance:  May 6th, 2019
Accepted work should arrive at Gallery no later than:  June 21st, 2019

Please follow directions carefully:

– Candela Books + Gallery is looking for photographic work. We will also showcase a selection of photobooks. Feel free to submit both!

– Only email submissions will be accepted. Though we may inquire further about the work.

Send submissions to: [email protected]

– Subject Line:  UnBound8! Submission!

Include up to 4 reasonably large JPG images of work in the body of a single email.
Also include a resume and artist statement, if applicable. Inclusion of an artist statement is strictly optional.

– Book Submissions – Send a pdf and/or images with text excerpts. Whatever it takes to get a sense of the object across.

– For each image include:



(Full Description of Object would be excellent, i.e. sepia toned gelatin silver photograph OR archival pigment print OR unique paper photogram… etc.)



Photographer’s Name:


City, St., Zip


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Artist Website:


For all work selected for exhibition:

Accepted work should be for sale.

Candela gallery will retain a 50% sales commission from the sale of work to any patron other than the collection itself. All funds raised from ticket and raffle sales for the UnBound8! event will be used to purchase work for the Candela Collection.

Candela reserves the right to not exhibit work that is significantly misrepresented during the submission process.

Accepted work should be presentation ready when it arrives at the gallery.

Accepted work should arrive at our gallery no later than June 21st, 2019.

Accepted work should include return postage. (Note: When possible please include return shipping in one of two ways: a pre-processed FedEx label that includes the requisite bar code, or a UPS shipping document.)

We will return unsold work within two weeks after the exhibition closes.

Ship work to:

Candela Books + Gallery
214 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220

For all Collected Work:

Candela will record all relevant history for the artwork in question.

Candela will file a CV, resume, artist statements, bios for each collected photographer.

Candela reserves the right to feature the work within Candela’s gallery space.

Candela will properly insure the collection.

Candela need not seek approval before any specific artwork is loaned to an outside organization for exhibition or donated to any other permanent collection.  But Candela will make a reasonable effort to contact a specific photographer to indicate that their work has been exhibited and or acquired by another permanent collection or institution. Candela also reserves the right to reproduce the work in support of said exhibitions and will make an earnest effort to notify photographers when such reproductions occur and provide resulting tear sheets when possible.


Ervin A. Johnson   #InHonor
January 4 – February 16, 2019

Ervin A. Johnson, “Joshua,” Mixed Media Print, 56 x 42 inches

Opening Reception & Artist Talk  |  Thursday, January 3rd, from 5 – 8 pm
First Friday Art Walk  |  Friday, January 4th, from 5 – 9 pm

Candela Gallery is pleased to open 2019 with #InHonor, a solo exhibition by Ervin A. Johnson. Spurred by personal experiences as a queer black man and the killing of black people across America, #InHonor is a series of photographic mixed media portraits that stand as a visceral response to racism and police brutality done to the black body.

Created out of a need for social practice and in a way to honor Blackness, Johnson began #InHonor around the time of the Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner protests. Influenced by the abstract expressionist movement, Johnson forcibly and fervently removes pigment from the original photographs and meticulously reconstructs the canvas with various layers of skin-toned colorant. The resulting, distressed portraits are arresting, mirroring physical and symbolic gestures of trauma and renegotiation.

Erecting forms of strength and resiliency born out of tragic violence, Johnson constructs a monolithic series that lives and breathes in the public realm. The hashtag title highlights social media’s powerful role throughout our current culture, addressing truths about past and current events and a mean to seeking justice.

Ervin A. Johnson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his MFA in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. Johnson is the recipient of the 2016 Critical Mass Solo Exhibition Award, 2017 Critical Mass Finalist, and the 2016 Diane Dammayer Fellowship. Most recently exhibited at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon, Arnika Dawkins Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and Detroit’s Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan.

Ervin A. Johnson, “George,” Mixed Media Print, 56 x 42 inches

Announcing… One Day Projects Exhibition + Book Release

And light followed the flight of sound


Matt Eich, from And light followed the flight of sound

Candela Gallery is pleased to announce it’s second collaboration with One Day Projects founder and creators, Eliot Dudik & Jared Ragland. One Day Projects promotes creative dialogue by challenging artists to collaboratively produce and publish innovative projects within a 24-hour time period. And light followed the flight of sound is their third collaborative artist book inspired by both the natural wonder and symbolic possibilities of the 2017 solar eclipse. The book features photographs by 52 artists and is presented as a 30-foot-long, hand-bound accordion with an enclosed saddle-stitched zine and essay.
Candela Gallery will exhibit the book alongside a selection of works by 23 artists from the project.

GALLERY TALK + BOOK RELEASE  |  Thursday, November 1st, from 5-8pm
OPENING RECEPTION  |  Friday, November 2nd, from 5-9pm

On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse provided a rare opportunity for people across the United States to experience a collective encounter. Despite the prevalence of contemporary political and cultural polarization, more than 215 million Americans – 88% of the country’s total population – stood side by side and looked skyward together, sharing in a quieting, unifying act.

Inspired by both the natural wonder and symbolic possibilities of this unique occurrence, photographers from inside and outside the path of totality were invited to document and share their experiences. The resulting book, And light followed the flight of sound, features 85 images by 52 emergent and established photographic artists. Edited, designed and produced by Jared Ragland and Eliot Dudik and presented as a 30-foot-long, hand-bound accordion with an enclosed saddle-stitched zine and essay by art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.D., University of South Florida, the limited edition of 150 copies is printed on digital offset, covered in a foil-stamped cloth, and comes housed in a clear Mylar sleeve, also foil stamped. As the book is removed from its sleeve, the foil stamps mimic the passage of the moon in front of the sun.

Production of And light followed the flight of sound was made possible by a grant from the College of William & Mary Dean’s Fund; portions of the book were edited during a workshop with students from Duke University’s MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts program.

The book’s title references E. M. Forster’s 1909 dystopian novella, The Machine Stops, in which the human species has become completely reliant upon technology to provide sustenance, deliver information, and mediate relationships. Today, life imitates art, and technology – which once promised to democratize knowledge and provide deep connection – has infiltrated the most intimate moments of our lives, increased individual isolation, provoked partisanship, and proliferated fake news.

“In an age in which even acceptance of scientific knowledge has become incomplete, divisive, and politicized, the 2017 solar eclipse marked a sought after, albeit temporary, restoration of reason and scientific truth,” writes art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.d. “The photographs found in And light followed the flight of sound seek to restore viewers’ senses through an embrace of firsthand experience and critical visual reckoning of terrestrial – or celestial – facts.”

Ben Alper
Aaron Canipe
Caleb Churchill
Daniel Coburn
Joy Drury Cox
Eliot Dudik
Matt Eich
Lisa Elmaleh
Annie Laurie Erickson
Adam Forrester
Jill Frank
David Goldes
Meg Griffiths
Thomas Locke Hobbs
Devin Lunsford
Lisa McCarty
Brittany Nelson
Greta Pratt
Jared Ragland
Tom Rankin
Justin James Reed
Sara J. Winston
Keith Yahrling

Click here to order a copy of And light followed the flight of sound

One Day Projects
Don’t Take Pictures Interview

Caleb Churchill, from And light followed the flight of sound

Announcing… Anne Arden McDonald: ATOM | PLANET

Anne Arden McDonald:  ATOM | PLANET

Anne Arden McDonald, “Cluster,” 2016. Cameraless Gelatin Silver Print, 24 x 20 inches

GALLERY TALK  |  Thursday, November 1st, from 5-8pm
OPENING RECEPTION  |  Friday, November 2nd, from 5-9pm

Candela Gallery is pleased to present ATOM | PLANET, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist, Anne Arden McDonald. Within this series McDonald creates photographic works imbued with celestial and atomic aesthetics. Approaching her darkroom process like a sort of alchemy, McDonald captures a dialogue nebulously drifting between mediums by testing materials and techniques through experimentation, noting variables, and observing the results, and amending processes.

Completely camera-less and without a conventional negative, McDonald layers nontraditional materials like bleach, clusters of soap bubbles, and/or hundreds of household spices and cleaners, steering the creation of these unconventional images. Each unconventional photogram is further manipulated through a series of techniques – scrubbing, evaporating or decaying – illustrating the circuitous nature of life, death, and what comes after. The resulting photographs, with a rather magnificent spherical quality, are McDonald’s manifestation of both the macro- and micro-cosmos within our universe.

(L) Anne Arden McDonald, “Molecule,”Cameraless Gelatin Silver Print, 20 x 16 inches
(R) Anne Arden McDonald, “Fragility,”Cameraless Gelatin Silver Print, 38 x 34 inches