DAY 155, 156, 157 – Schedule of Events

STEVEN CASANOVA  |  DAY 155, 156, 157

FEBRUARY 22 – 24, 2018

More than 4 months without electricity, without water — a crisis caused by a natural disaster, but made possible by over a century of U.S. colonialism. For about a million Puerto Ricans, this is still their daily reality. Without a vote in Congress, and with increasingly restrictive laws and regulation, the island has had little power in helping itself, becoming more dependent every day on outside help.

Day 155, 156, 157 is an educational experience, working to put the current crisis into perspective. The weekend programming will be composed of an exhibition of photographic and sculptural work, depicting the tragedy and the prevalent need in Puerto Rico. Proceeds from the exhibition will go toward helping small Puerto Rican farmers re-establish their farms and rebuild their communities.

A communal flag folding of a 750 square foot Puerto Rican Flag followed by a film screening of Harvest of Empire will take place on Friday, February 23rd. A documentary that takes a look at the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the resulting emigrations. There will also be an experimental music performance by DJ Rattan Saturday, February 24th.

Day 155, 156, 157 organizer, Steven Casanova, is a multimedia artist with a focus on social justice projects. He has been featured in group shows at 1708 Gallery, The Anderson, Studio 6, and The Valentine Museum. Since Hurricane Maria struck in September 2017, Steven has been active in fundraisers, lectures, panels, protests, marches, and work on the ground in Puerto Rico, bringing attention and aid to those affected by the tragedy.



DAY 155   |   February 22nd
​Puerto Rican flag on view from ​9am – 6pm

DAY 156   |   February 23rd
Exhibition opens at 9am
Puerto Rican flag on view from ​9am – 5pm
Ceremonial folding of flag at 5:30pm
Bijou Film Center screening of Harvest of Empire at 7:30pm

DAY 157   |   February 24th
Exhibition opens at 9am
DJ Rattan performance at 7pm