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And light followed the flight of sound


Matt Eich, from And light followed the flight of sound

Candela Gallery is pleased to announce it’s second collaboration with One Day Projects founder and creators, Eliot Dudik & Jared Ragland. One Day Projects promotes creative dialogue by challenging artists to collaboratively produce and publish innovative projects within a 24-hour time period. And light followed the flight of sound is their third collaborative artist book inspired by both the natural wonder and symbolic possibilities of the 2017 solar eclipse. The book features photographs by 52 artists and is presented as a 30-foot-long, hand-bound accordion with an enclosed saddle-stitched zine and essay.
Candela Gallery will exhibit the book alongside a selection of works by 23 artists from the project.

GALLERY TALK + BOOK RELEASE  |  Thursday, November 1st, from 5-8pm
OPENING RECEPTION  |  Friday, November 2nd, from 5-9pm

On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse provided a rare opportunity for people across the United States to experience a collective encounter. Despite the prevalence of contemporary political and cultural polarization, more than 215 million Americans – 88% of the country’s total population – stood side by side and looked skyward together, sharing in a quieting, unifying act.

Inspired by both the natural wonder and symbolic possibilities of this unique occurrence, photographers from inside and outside the path of totality were invited to document and share their experiences. The resulting book, And light followed the flight of sound, features 85 images by 52 emergent and established photographic artists. Edited, designed and produced by Jared Ragland and Eliot Dudik and presented as a 30-foot-long, hand-bound accordion with an enclosed saddle-stitched zine and essay by art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.D., University of South Florida, the limited edition of 150 copies is printed on digital offset, covered in a foil-stamped cloth, and comes housed in a clear Mylar sleeve, also foil stamped. As the book is removed from its sleeve, the foil stamps mimic the passage of the moon in front of the sun.

Production of And light followed the flight of sound was made possible by a grant from the College of William & Mary Dean’s Fund; portions of the book were edited during a workshop with students from Duke University’s MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts program.

The book’s title references E. M. Forster’s 1909 dystopian novella, The Machine Stops, in which the human species has become completely reliant upon technology to provide sustenance, deliver information, and mediate relationships. Today, life imitates art, and technology – which once promised to democratize knowledge and provide deep connection – has infiltrated the most intimate moments of our lives, increased individual isolation, provoked partisanship, and proliferated fake news.

“In an age in which even acceptance of scientific knowledge has become incomplete, divisive, and politicized, the 2017 solar eclipse marked a sought after, albeit temporary, restoration of reason and scientific truth,” writes art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.d. “The photographs found in And light followed the flight of sound seek to restore viewers’ senses through an embrace of firsthand experience and critical visual reckoning of terrestrial – or celestial – facts.”

Ben Alper
Aaron Canipe
Caleb Churchill
Daniel Coburn
Joy Drury Cox
Eliot Dudik
Matt Eich
Lisa Elmaleh
Annie Laurie Erickson
Adam Forrester
Jill Frank
David Goldes
Meg Griffiths
Thomas Locke Hobbs
Devin Lunsford
Lisa McCarty
Brittany Nelson
Greta Pratt
Jared Ragland
Tom Rankin
Justin James Reed
Sara J. Winston
Keith Yahrling

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Caleb Churchill, from And light followed the flight of sound