Announcing… Chasing Tales




Visual storytelling is an art form unto itself.  It can entertain us with fictional narrative, impart wisdom through documentation, or provide an escape just as literature does.  This power of the narrative is immense. Opening November 4th, Candela Books + Gallery announces Chasing Tales, a group exhibition featuring photographic work by Daniel Coburn, Paul Thulin, and collaborators Antone Dolezal and Lara Shipley, all artists connecting the past and present fusing elements of reality with mysterious and imaginative intent.


Daniel W. Coburn, “Resurrection,” from The Hereditary Estate, 2014. 24″ x 30″ Archival Pigment Print

Daniel Coburn weaves together homespun histories and symbolic fabrications in The Hereditary Estate; a series in which Coburn creates haunting and metaphoric tableaus, photographing his family as they transcend their own stories through remembrance, performance, and spirituality.


Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley, “Waiting for the Light,” from the Devil’s Promenade. 30″ x 37″ Archival Pigment Print

Antone Dolezal and Lara Shipley draw the viewer into the backwoods of the Ozark mountains to experience the infamous floating “spooklight” in the Devil’s Promenade. Often described as ‘a place you can feel,’ Dolezal and Shipley recreate the mysterious orb of light, and those who have been affected by it.


Paul Thulin, “Lady of Shallot,” from the series Pine Tree Ballads. Archival Pigment Print

Paul Thulin explores his heritage and childhood memory in a search for familial identity in Pine Tree Ballads. Returning yearly to coastal Maine, as his family has for over a century, Thulin has reimagined the environment from his past and rediscovered his ancestors through fantastical imagery.


Further press images available upon request.