An UnBound! Success Story

The first annual invitational and juried exhibition, UnBound!, was a success! Ticket and raffle sales at the blow-out culminating event on Friday, July 20th, 2012 allowed us to acquire a whopping eleven works from the exhibition to found the new Candela Collection.

Here’s the list:

Louviere + Vanessa, “Chloroform, Valde,” 2006

Daniel Kariko, “Front Porch, Doormat, August 14th (Weevel),” 2012

Beth Moon, “The Ifaty Teapot” from series “Portraits of Time,” 2006

Alex Artz, “Melanie and Dillie, Canal Fulton, OH,” 2010

Tony Chirinos, “Untitled, from the series Requiescant in Pace,” 2004

Susan Worsham, “Marine, Hotel Near Airport, Richmond, VA” 2009,
from series “By the Grace of God”

Aline Smithson, “The Family,” 2010, from “Pretty/Dirty”

Michael Craig Donner, “Elizabeth,” 2009

Jenny Sampson, “Will, Truckee” 2010, Unique Wet Collodion Tintype

Susan Burnstine, “The Last Goodbye,” 2010

Isa Leshko, “Blue, Australian Kelpie, Age 19 I” from “Elderly Animals,” 2011

To see these, plus the rest of the exhibition images, go here.

Congratulations to all the artists! And thanks to every single person that helped support the UnBound! effort this year. We couldn’t have done it without all of you coming to the show, bringing friends, showing up at the event, and being all-around great friends to Candela!

Susan Worsham, “Marine, Hotel Near Airport, Richmond, VA” from series “By the Grace of God”, 2009


Louviere + Vanessa, “Chloroform, Valde”, 2006


Aline Smithson, “The Family”, 2010, from "Pretty/Dirty"


Beth Moon, “The Ifaty Teapot” from series, “Portraits of Time”, 2006