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Gordon Stettinius is a photographer and artist and educator living in Richmond, Virginia.

Stettinius founded Candela Books in 2010 in order to publish the work of New York photographer Gita Lenz.  Lenz had been an accomplished photographer from the 1940s-1960s and had been exhibited at several notable institutions, the Museum of Modern Art and Brooklyn Museum of Art among others, but yet her work had never been presented in book form.  Realizing that Lenz was a compelling individual, not to mention an incredible printer, and yet her work was somewhat forgotten, Stettinius felt that editing and publishing a book of her work would help bring her some of the attention that she deserved.  Lenz passed away in 2011 at the age of 100 but she did get to see her book, which was published several months before her death.  And a solo show of her work was also mounted in conjunction with the book at Gitterman Gallery in New York.

Subsequent books published by Candela Books are Salt & Truth by Shelby Lee Adams and Sunburn by Chris McCaw. Each of these projects are singular works by exceptional artists. And each of these monographs has been warmly received by the photography community.  Candela Books intends to continue bringing the work of notable photographers to the attention of the larger world.

Stettinius opened Candela Books + Gallery in 2011.  The thinking at the time was that the book publishing was bringing so many interesting photographers and artists to Candela’s attention but unfortunately there are only so many books a small and independent publisher can manage at a time.  So, the decision was made to start exhibiting work related to book projects and to do so along with exhibitions by other notable, nationally recognized artists and photographers.  The gallery is located in a renovated building in the Downtown Arts District of Richmond, Virginia.

An exhibiting photographer himself, Stettinius has had a penchant for low tech and homemade and vintage cameras. And he continues his work on various projects alongside the Candela projects.  Teaching darkroom courses at Virginia Commonwealth University, Stettinius is fighting the good fight still, trying to keep old and alternative processes alive and well.